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  1. ‘The line seems to be centered around the circular: the godet garments are voluminous, yet cut so precisely as to allow them to be closed by a single button!’ ‘As you can see from the photos the suede skirt hangs softly almost in pleats, and the wool version shows the godet detail quite well.’.
  2. Today Cognac Godet is the story of a father and his three sons who are continuing a family legacy, passed down from generation to generation for over four hundred years. The adventure begins in La Rochelle, where the family’s two greatest passions meet, the Ocean and Cognac.
  3. Made from high-quality, pure silk chiffon, this dress is zestfully decorated with one of the collection’s dynamic prints. Its refined, elasticated waist and oversized, front godet pleats add movement. A back ruffled V-neck completes the item. Georgette lining and back zip-and-button closure.
  4. Godet was called a fundamentalist before the term was ever coined. He is a man who fought diligently for the supremecy of the Textus Receptus. If you are looking for a very basic Romans commentary, this is not for you. If you want something deeper that goes some into the greek, you will enjoy this book. Reviews: 7.
  5. Frédéric Louis Godet (—) was a Swiss Protestant theologian and New Testament scholar. Born at Neuchatel in , and educated there and at Bonn and Berlin, Godet served from to as tutor to Crown Prince (later King) Frederick Wilhelm III of Prussia.
  6. Jun 14,  · Etymology []. From Middle French godet, from Dutch kodde (“ piece of cylindrical wood ”).. Noun []. godet (plural godets) A drinking cup() A piece of fabric inserted into a garment along a seam or cut to lengthen the free edge, and to make a garment roomier and to add a wavy edge cf. gusset, The Vogue Sewing Book, page , A pie-shaped godet (the most common one), is usually cut with.
  7. Godet Freres Cognac is % family-owned, based in the harbour of La Rochelle and Under the stewardship of the 15th generation of Godet La Rochelle, the cradle of Cognac La Rochelle holds a unique position in the History of Cognac because this is the place where distillation technology (originating from the Arab culture) met with locally.

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